Poem of the Month

June 2023

In conjunction with the release of my debut novel "Sonnets from The Sheoaks", (available here ONLINE SHOP), the year 2023 is a celebration of sonnets in their various forms.

The Petrarchan or Italianate sonnet had its origins in Renaissance times, and still remains one of the most popular and recognizable of all sonnet forms - with its distinctive rhyming pattern and octet/sestet structure. Winter is upon us, so please enjoy this Petrarchan celebration of the season!

Queensland Winter

(c) Shelley Hansen 2023

My Winter is not filled with ice and snow,
with roaring fires or skating on the lake.
The branches bear no frosty morning flake,
the sting of sleeting rain I do not know.
With cool clear days my Winter is aglow.
The chill of early morn calls me awake
to watch the rise of bright sun overtake
pale moon, and on the land his smile bestow.
Benevolence has tamed his fiery heat.
He showers sparkling diamonds on the stream,
and bids the wind be still and stir no wing
of dozing bird – lest he disturb its dream.
The dormant earth must have her rest complete
before she wakes to face the birth of Spring.

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