Poem of the Month

January 2023

In conjunction with the release of my debut novel "Sonnets from The Sheoaks", (available here ONLINE SHOP), the year 2023 will be a celebration of sonnets in their various forms.

We begin with a Petrarchan sonnet - the earliest sonnet form which developed from troubadour songs in Italy as early as the 13th century. Its 14 lines are characterised by a change of pace or thought after the first 8 lines (octet), where the distinctive rhyming pattern also changes for the closing 6 lines (sestet).

January in Australia
(c) Shelley Hansen 2023

The year begins with furnace-heated blast
and storm clouds gather, ready to attack
the silent afternoon with thunder crack
and jagged lightning, rolling in so fast.
Yet when torrential turbulence has passed
the sun returns, a little more laid-back.
With clear blue skies to overtake the black,
a cooling breeze steps up to be recast.
This month brings resolution, with a pledge
that days ahead will rise from those behind
and like the phoenix, take to soaring flight.
But as the future beckons, will we find
that new disasters take us to the edge -
or will life's joys at last be redefined?

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