Poem of the Month

March 2021

Some time back the monthly online writing workshop of the Australian Bush Poets Association ( challenged participants to write a poem in the style of the old English masters, using a series of prompts as an inspiration trigger. I chose to emulate William Wordsworth's epic poem "Daffodils" also known as "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud". My distinctly Australian variation is this month's featured poem..

I Wandered Through a Dust-Filled Cloud

© Shelley Hansen 2019

I wandered through a dust-filled cloud,
a dry leaf carpet underfoot.
The curlew's cry sang sad and loud
as if to warn of ashy soot
so soon to fall with ember rain
across the dry and gasping plain.

Beyond, a distant orange glaze
danced devil-like on hillside's crest,
and through the thick and smoke-filled haze
drew ever closer from the west.
The homestead stood aloft and tall
to fight the greatest fight of all.

Against the sky, the peaceful blue
of backyard jacaranda trees
seemed almost with its vibrant hue
to mock the rising gusty breeze
that deepened to a howling gale,
transporting firesparks in its trail.

The crews prepared to face the flame -
with pick and shovel, wrought a break.
While media debated blame
they carried on, too tired to take
a rest for damper, billy tea.
Day merged with night, incessantly.

The homestead, bathed in eerie light,
appeared to wait for certain doom,
when suddenly, across the night
a bolt of lightning lit the gloom -
infusing hearts with soaring hope,
renewing strength to rise and cope.

The future will be faced by men
who push their borders further out.
Hard times will pass, and come again
with fire and flood, and endless drought.
But now - the rain! We dance with glee
around the jacaranda tree.

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