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Poem of the Month

May 2019

Let me take you back to a poem I wrote some years ago - after a camping trip to Girraween National Park, situated on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. There is nothing quite like an outdoor weekend in the high country to rest, re-energise, and re-examine our priorities.

This poem is included on my CD "An Australian Journey" and in my book "Lady of Lines", both of which are featured on the Merchandise Books and CDs page.

Out on the Border Ranges
© Shelley Hansen 2012

Out on the Border Ranges where the mountains greet the blue,
where bald rocks flaunt their nakedness, aglow with sun-washed hue,
where atmosphere is rarefied, where air is fresh and clean,
we came to get a sense of where we're going, where we've been.

Out on the Border Ranges where the waterfalls cascade,
king parrots and rosellas, bright in fancy dress, parade
their colours unashamedly, while - shy to show his face -
the bellbird peals his signal in a note of timeless grace.

Out on the Border Ranges in the chill of early night
the sunset paints the hilltops with a wash of pink delight.
Our campfire's warmth illuminates the closing of the day
as cheeky possums scamper, fresh from sleep and ripe for play.

Out on the Border Ranges we can gaze upon the plain
so far below, that from this elevation we may gain
a keener sense of who we are, to keep our focus clear
and reset our priorities to face another year.

Out on the Border Ranges it's so easy to forget
the routine of our daily lives - for tasks that we have set
soon pale to insignificance in this majestic place,
and our perspective changes on the problems we might face.

Out on the Border Ranges in this ancient, ageless land,
our joys and sorrows come and go - while yet these mountains stand
as silent symbols of the things that give our lives true worth,
as we take time to stop and savour this - our Life on Earth.

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