Shelley Hansen - Lady of Lines

Poem of the Month

March 2018

This short poem, although rhymed and metred, is not a traditional bush poem. However it certainly does address an aspect of life in this modern world - including Australia! I write it a long time ago, but it came to mind again recently when discussing the subject with a friend. I hope it strikes a chord.

No Time
© Shelley Hansen 2001

We talk about the pressure, and we have no time, we say.
With work we're overloaded, and we have no time for play.
To do the things we'd like to do, the total time is "nought" -
and we can never find the time to do the things we ought.

We've people we should visit, but we have no time to stay,
we have no time to stop and smell the flowers on the way.
We have no time for family, we have no time for friends -
and if in haste we hurt them, we've no time to make amends.

We have no time for "thank you" and we have no time for "please",
we have no time to listen, when a burden we might ease.
We have no time to notice that we did not stop to say
a kindly word to warm a heart, or brighten up a day.

And so we have no time to see the joy we might have brought
by spending just a little time in doing what we ought.
We miss the light of someone's smile, the softness in their eyes -
instead, a hope that's quickly born - as quickly, fades and dies.

And yet, it takes so little time to reach out and to touch,
to clasp a hand, to show we care - and yet, it means so much.
And surely it is time to re-evaluate the goal
if we believe we have no time to cheer a lonely soul.

And I have found in life that what we sow, we always reap.
We don't know what in future days may cause our hearts to weep.
Although we say we have no time, how sad if it were thus ...
that some day, in an hour of need, folks had no time for us.

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