Poem of the Month

May 2021

Way back in April 2017, the monthly online writing workshop of the Australian Bush Poets Association ( challenged participants to write a poem based on these seemingly unrelated prompts - "heavy lifting, ties that bind, B&D, condominium, scented candles and rosé wine, empty nest". At the time we had friends who had recently found themselves to be empty nesters, so this was the poem I wrote ...

Empty Nesters

© Shelley Hansen 2017

The plight of empty nesters is a common one today.
When youngsters leave and strike out in the world,
some parents aren't prepared
and face the future somewhat scared,
while others feel their wings have been unfurled!

Some buy a condominium and leap into the fray
of "sea change" on the Gold Coast, to enjoy
things classified as "fine" -
like scented candles, rosé wine,
designer clothes, perhaps a sleek "boy's toy".

Like rolling down a "B&D", some calmly put away
the years of heavy lifting, making do.
Grey nomads roaming free
across Australia, sea to sea,
are spending an inheritance or two!

Some make a new commitment to their work, decide to stay
productive in a way they hadn't planned.
Some take a "tree change" route
of self-sufficiency, to suit
a long-held wish to farm a piece of land.

But whether you decide to stay at work, or opt for play,
you'll often find that in the years to come
the ties that bind are strong
and though the kids may move along,
they'll turn up when they need their Dad and Mum!

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