Augie Sauer - Master Pie Maker and Pastrycook

My home town of Maryborough, Queensland, has seen many businesses come and go. Sadly, few of the early traders are left. However, there is one exception. In 1919 Augie Sauer established a pie shop, which under the auspices of his granddaughter, still flourishes today. She kindly gave me permission to pen these memories of "Sauer's Pies".

Sauer's Pies
(c) Shelley Hansen 2012

Do you know this small shop on the corner
with its frontage of pink and of grey?
It is Gail Sauer's Bakery Café
and you really should stop there today –
for it carries a long, proud tradition
of hot pies that are known far and wide;
in this Heritage City – an icon
that has served us its product with pride.

It was 1919 when a young man
his own business decided to start.
He delivered on foot for the first years
till he managed to buy horse and cart.
Augie Sauer – his pies were a legend
from a recipe true and well-tried –
with their light flaky pastry and gravy
and the meat minced so finely inside.

The old horse was as famous as Augie -
he knew every stop on the street.
And he knew the way back to his stable
when the pie round each day was complete.
And if Augie stopped off at the "Local",
when he climbed on the cart once again
with a clip-clop the horse would walk homeward -
never needing a hand on the rein.

And my Mum's generation remembered
at the pictures, to save enough cash
for an "Augie's pie" fresh from his platter –
sold for threepence – devoured in a flash!
At that price it meant four for a shilling,
but a deal was on offer instead –
it was "five-for-a-bob" – Augie's discount –
so that all of the kids would be fed.

Augie's sons – Norm and John, Bob and Donny
graduated from cart horse to car,
and the pie vans traversed Maryborough
as the cry of "Hot Pies!' rang afar.
In my young days, they came to the school gate -
they were ready at lunchtime, for sure.
It was better than tuck shop – no kidding!
How we wished we could go back for more!

I remember on Saturday arvo
how John's pie van would come driving by,
and my Mum put a brick on the gatepost
so he knew that we wanted to buy.
All the folks in our street knew Mum's signal –
and a long eager line there would be;
and we'd catch up on neighbourhood gossip –
then go home and eat hot pies for tea!

Then I married and moved to the south side -
no more pies – would it come to the crunch?
Just in time Donny came round the corner
to provide us with Saturday lunch!
But one day the deliveries finished,
so we drove round to Park Street instead –
to be served with a bright smile by Judy
as she tallied the price in her head!

This endeavour, first started by Augie,
passed along to the hands of his sons.
Now his granddaughter carries the banner –
baking hot pies and pastries and buns.
She's in Lennox Street, corner of Albert –
with a dusting of flour she stands,
and the hot pies come out of the oven
as they did, baked by Augie's own hands.

Sauer's pies have fed kids and their parents
through the changes this City has seen.
So next time you are in Maryborough –
why not try one? You'll see what I mean!
For, though Gail may have changed her location,
one thing won't ever change – that's for sure –
she still bakes the best pies in the business –
and I still want to come back for more!

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