Shelley Hansen - Lady of Lines

Some People

Winner - 2011 Fellowship of Australian Writers Cherry Festival Open Written Poetry Competition - Young, New South Wales.

People! They're all around us, coming and going, making their marks on our lives. But it is only some - the right kind of people - who make lasting impressions of friendship.

Some People
(c) Shelley Hansen 2011

Some people are like shifting sand; they blow with every breeze
and change their values to impress the folks they hope to please.
They run with hare, yet hunt with hound - on them you can't depend
to back you when the chips are down, to stand firm to the end.

Some people are like gravel, where the path seems safe and wide -
but like the shiny river stones that 'neath your footsteps slide,
one slip could spell disaster; there's no second chance appeal –
a fall may cause abrasions that will never fully heal.

Some people are like concrete, set and hardened in their ways -
believing they are always right, they seldom offer praise.
They serve their words with searing heat, or sometimes, chilling cold.
Allowances they will not make – they simply can't be told.

Some people are like stony ground; they make the going rough -
whate'er you try to do for them just never seems enough.
Whatever words you say are wrong; they cannot see the good.
How they depress your spirit; make you feel "misunderstood"!

Some people radiate the warmth of rich and fertile soil –
these are the ones who bring the light of joy amid the toil.
The seeds of trust, sown sparse and small, soon blossom as the rose,
as watered by a deep regard, a lasting friendship grows.

And we are apt to name the folks like these "Salt of the Earth".
We value them as diamonds, and in gold we weigh their worth.
They share our laughter and our tears through happiness and strife -
oh, may we never lose them – on this journey we call "Life"!

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